How We Do It

Hiring The Best Is Your Most Important Task!

– Steve Jobs

Partnership Approach

We start by taking the necessary time with senior business leaders to truly understand the culture of the organization, business objectives and hiring goals.

We then take a deep dive with the management team to understand their specific needs and the requirements of the position, their core beliefs, values and past experiences so we can match candidate chemistry with company culture.


Who We Represent

Like any good actor knows, you have to know your character inside and out. The most talented actors study their roles and convey them with passion.

If you want to be represented at a high level, a talented recruiter must take the same approach.

We take the time to get to know YOU!

We Tell Your Story

Ideal candidates are rarely sitting on the sidelines waiting for our phone call, they are actively working and doing well in their current role.

When things are good, changing jobs is usually just a thought in the peripheral. We are prepared for this when engaging potential candidates and it’s why we do our due diligence before every call.

It’s our mission to engage, qualify and educate right from the beginning. Easier said than done! In fact it is the most difficult part of the process.

At Higher Talent, that is exactly what we have been doing every day since 2005. Engaging qualified candidates by conveying our clients passions and desires.

Exchanging Feedback

Once a candidate is engaged, it is key to have strong, straightforward communication.

Same day feedback from the client and the candidate is imperative to the process so that expectations are clear and enthusiasm stays high.

Taking A Transparent Approach

Whether you are making the move in your career or are building your team, finding the right person for the role is essential.

The key to our success has always been about being real with people, understanding their situation and taking a transparent approach.

It’s amazing what you can accomplish when both parties are transparent and honest about their ideal wants, needs and evolving situation.

People by nature want to trust. Our goal is to deliver something real, the only way to accomplish that is to be real.


Always Be Consistent

From start to finish we are consistently keeping track of interest levels, emotions and mindset.

We are continually addressing all questions or concerns with the right sources and regularly setting accurate expectations making for a credible process.

Transparency and consistency are the cornerstone for a healthy foundation. When a mutual trust and respect has been established between both parties, the choice to move forward is made with confidence .

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