About Us

Higher Talent was founded by Seth Miller in 2005. Seth was drawn to recruiting because of his entrepreneurial spirit and love for helping people.

From day one the focus of Higher Talent has always been about building trust. The recipe for that is transparency and honesty.  Seth has the gift of being real and getting people to be real. In return that allows him to understand both sides of the situation, net out all the key details and put both parties on the same page.

Connecting Candidate Chemistry With Company Culture

Anyone can search and FIND candidates with the proper tools but RECRUITING candidates is very different. Often recruiters don’t take the time to get to know the situation on both sides which is exactly why we make it our business to do just that.

We start by taking the necessary time with business leaders to truly understand the culture of their organization, business objectives and hiring goals. To attract top candidates we must have in-depth industry knowledge in order to screen, qualify and educate properly. After our initial conversation, the candidate will walk away with a deep understanding of the position, company, leadership team and organizational direction.

Once the investment has been made to understand all facets of the business, we utilize this knowledge to work across all sectors of your company! If the candidate is not a match for your culture or position requirements we DO NOT fit a square peg in a round hole.

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